At times, it becomes tedious for parents to get a baby to sleep at night. For the same, a number of methods are available which can be tried to put a baby to sleep.

Baby Sleep Methods

The arrival of a new member in the family in the form of a baby does bring in a dash of excitement and joy. However, happiness and delight aren't the only accompaniments, for, with the baby comes responsibilities and duties. Responsibility to pay heed to all its needs and give it a good life and duty to make sure that the responsibility is carried out well. Furthermore, what comes with a baby is sleep deprivation for parents. Such is the state that dark circles and sacks under the eyes is a common sight seen in new parents, especially mothers. If you too are facing a similar problem and are looking for ways to make your tot fall asleep so that you too can catch up with your sleep, understand that all this mayhem will continue till you are successfully able to sleep train your baby. Babies need a lot of time to adapt themselves according to the sleep schedule of the parents, but there are a number of sleep training programs which are readily available and are effective. Wondering why the delay then? Well, the only hitch is that you can never readily know which kind of training you should impart to your baby. A trial and error method, you have to try a number of approaches before getting to the right one. There are a number of reasons why a baby wakes up at odd hours in the night, like if a baby is hungry, if it is not well, if it has overslept during the day and so on, it would wake up. Also, at times the baby starts relating sleep time with certain things like feed, or even material things like a pacifier. An approach states that feeding while bedtime or just before bedtime makes the baby relate feeding to sleep and hence every time it wakes up while sleeping, it has to be fed to be pacified. There are a number of sleep training methods which are popular because of their effectiveness; a few have been listed below. 


Baby Sleep Methods
Personal Method
It might be a little surprising for you to know that the method with which you try to make your baby sleep may be the best method for your baby, as it is a personalized way which is designed by you keeping in consideration the comfort and needs of the baby. You might get overwhelmed with the infant crying and may get apprehensive about the method you are using to pacify it, but if you go according to your instincts and use a little bit of common sense, then it might turn out to be the best suited method for your baby.
No Cry Method
Proposed by a famous parent educator, this is one of the most popular methods, adopted by parents to make their child sleep. The method advocates a humane approach to make a baby fall asleep. As the name itself suggests, the approach is gentle and helps the baby sleep, without shedding tears or with shedding minimum tears. It tells a parent to comfort the baby and if needed, to feed it immediately, every time it wakes up and cries. The parents are supposed to maintain the record of the sleep schedule of the baby and the time it wakes up. This gives the parents a fair idea of the sleep and metabolic pattern of the baby, especially during nights.
Attachment Parenting
This is an approach which is centered on nurturing the baby and this approach advocates gently guiding the baby to sleep in its own pace. Crying out is not a part of attachment parenting, but it includes keeping the baby active during the period it stays awake so that it wears out before going to sleep. Breastfeeding the baby and co-sleeping with the baby is also suggested in the approach. This way, the baby takes its own time to get accustomed to the sleep routine of the parents.
Cry it Out
Crying it out is one of the oldest and the most common methods of sleep training. According to this method, the baby should learn to comfort itself on its own. During this method, the baby is left crying for a particular period before it is comforted by the parents but even during comforting the baby isn't picked up or fed. Though this is a hard method on part of both the parents and the infant, through this method, an infant learns to sleep on its own, without the help of parents or any external factor.

Baby Whisperer
The approach is set around cry it out and no cry methods. It's more about working out a way to understand the baby and its needs. The parents are supposed to listen and observe baby's behaviour so they can easily catch the behavioural signals and symbols which a baby projects while asleep as well as when it's awake. While teaching a baby to sleep alone, the method promotes that instead of holding, nursing or rocking the baby, parents should comfort the baby by picking it up, and putting down as often as needed until it sleeps. 
Now that you know the various sleep training methods, apply the one that best suits you and your baby. All the best!

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