Are you looking for some fun activities that you can enjoy with your toddler? Here's providing you a long list of activities that will suit you and your toddler and will offer lot of fun and laughter.

Brain-Building Fun Activities For Your Toddler: Ways To Keep Your Child Busy

One of the most active periods in the child’s development is the time when it is a toddler. It is also the most joyful and daunting period for parents. Toddlers are inquisitive and want to know everything around them, and these curious minds never get tired of asking questions. Their energy level is so high that they are capable of taking part in several activities without actually getting exhausted, while you may be gasping for breath. However, don't worry for these activities are worth the effort and pain taken as they not only help in faster and better development of children, but also prepare them for life. These activities give them a better insight of the world at large. What's more, you get to re-live your childhood days by indulging in all the fun and entertaining activities. There are several indoor and outdoor activities that you can choose, depending upon your preference and also on the mood of your little one. Keep in mind that whichever activity you choose, apart from providing fun and entertainment, it should be educational in nature, so as to enhance your child’s development. Here is a list of fun activities that you can do with your toddler which will channelize its intelligence and energy into something truly fruitful and fulfilling.

Brain-Building Fun Activities For Your Toddler: Ways To Keep Your Child Busy
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How can I help my child’s brain development?

Brain development plays a pivotal role in the overall growth of a child. The brain of a child rapidly develops from birth till the time it turns three. The main areas of development include emotional and social, cognitive, motor (physical), communication and language. The best way to encourage brain development of a child is to engage your child in activities like playing, reading and giving them a stress free comfortable environment to grow.

What is the meaning and importance of sensory play?

Sensory play refers to any game or activity that stimulates the senses of your child. Sensory play focuses on stimulating the most accessible senses like hearing, touch and sight. The five senses namely – hearing, touching, smelling, tasting and seeing are the one through which the baby interacts with the world. It is important as toddlers learn and develop through creative activities which include experimenting, experiencing and discovering.

What are the ways to keep toddlers busy? (Developmental and Sensory Play Ideas)

Outdoor Activities

Visit a Playground

You will be surprised to see how much fun it could be sliding with your toddler or watching it go up and down on the seesaw. The playground is a place of fun activities, and what better can it be than to indulge in few hours of pure entertainment with your toddler in the playground. Best part about it is, no matter where you live, you are sure to find a playground nearby.

Plan a Picnic

You can plan a picnic, which is quite a fun thing to do with a toddler. With the help of your toddler, gather scrumptious foods to pack in the wicker basket. Once you're done with the packing, find a good picnic spot to visit where you can have fun with your kid and head on straight away to the spot. You can carry rackets, frisbee, football or even bat for that extra dose of amusement.

Play Football

Football is one of the most favorite games of kids. You might have loved playing football as a kid. Now it’s your kid’s turn. Not only playing football will help you spending quality time with your little one, but it will also assist in developing your baby’s gross motor skills. Also, your kid would learn a new sport.

Planting Trees

Planting is another good fun activity that you can do with your toddler. If your child loves digging in the dirt, you can use its likeness in a valuable manner by planting a tree. This way you will add beauty to the nature and will also share fun moments with your toddler. You will pass on the importance of planting trees and taking care of nature in the process.

Jump Jump Jump!!

Toddlers love to jump around, don’t they? Obviously they do because they are always highly energetic. Jumping is an amazing way to channelize their energy and stimulate their sense of movement. For that you may make use of small trampoline, exercise balls or jump ropes. 

Indoor Activities

Story Telling

Children love to listen to stories. Nothing can be more fulfilling and enriching than reciting your little one its favorite story. Take an old story book that you used to read as a kid or buy a new one and read it to your toddler; it would surely love the experience. Try to make the story telling more funny and interesting by using different voices for different characters.

Make Caricatures

Sit down on a chair facing your toddler and draw its face as it draws yours. It is a very interesting and funny activity and you will be very pleased to find out how you both see each other. Also it would develop the child’s eye and hand coordination.

A Photo Shoot

This is especially for those angels out there. Dress your cutie pie in its best attire and bring it to a place especially decorated for a photo shoot. Bring out that inner model of your to by making it give pose to shutter bugs. The child is surely going to love the experience of being a star, while you can capture various emotions it reflects.

Make a Music Video

If your toddler loves music and dancing, then there could be nothing better than having a musical evening with your little one. For the same, all you need is a CD of its favorite song and some space. Put on the music and watch your toddler sing and dance to the music.

Sensory Bin

Making a sensory bin is quite easy. Take a container or tub and fill it with small toys, foods like rice, pasta, beans, or spoons and scoops, or objects from nature like leaves, pebbles or sand and let your tiny tot discover and explore the different textures.

Fun with food

We feel you momma when we suggest this one. Yes, the mess thereafter is a challenge but there is nothing more satisfying seeing your bundle of joy smear, squish and taste the fruits and vegetables on their own. While they do get messy but it gives them the much needed sensory experience.

Cereal rainbows

For this all you need is different colours of cereals in small bowls. Ask you tiny tot to make rainbows out of it. Learning colours and simulating the senses of your little one is ought to be fun this way.

Name It

This can be really fun. Make different sounds of animals, birds, pushing buttons of a toy or crinkling of paper and ask your toddler to guess the name of the object.

Note: Safety of your baby should always be your priority. Make sure that young children should not be handed items that can be hazardous and choking risk. Adults should always supervise children especially around water. Think of ways and ideas that are developmentally appropriate but at the same time safe for your tiny tot.


When I raised my two girls, the most thrilling and intimidating phase was when they were toddlers. When they were toddlers they made sure I was on my toes because silence was suspicious as they were up to some mischief, my house was not messy but was custom designed by these pint-sized dictators who used to spread mines (read toys – both with voice and without) in every nook and corner of the house, my workout was to chase them, my bathroom trips were never alone, however, my heart was full when I saw those tiny eyes beaming with naughtiness, when the conversations were crooked but we burst out laughing, the messiest, craziest, unreasonable, emotional, intoxicating yet frustrating phase without which my life was incomplete. So just take a deep breath and go with the flow. The days might be exhausting but by the end of it, trust me you will feel overwhelmed and will crave for more when it’s over. Till then hold onto to these tiny snuggles and of course the unruliness because time will fly and they won’t be little anymore. But with that I also hope your boss baby is easy on you! Wink!

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