Creating intimacy with your baby seems hard, but is extremely simple and enjoyable. Explore ideas for bonding with your baby, as you browse through this informative piece.

Bonding with Baby

Finally, you have welcomed your baby as a new member into your family and home. Excited to start a new life that you have now? Well, sure you are, but more than the arrival of the baby, it is the bond that you are going to share with the new member is what tickles your mind the most. It is through bonding that a relationship is established between two individuals. And bonding with a baby is no different from other bonds created in this world. But, it sure is a magical event and a growing feeling between a parent and child that happens just like two people falling in love and deepening their relationship over time. While some parents take one look at their new joy and get overwhelmed with emotions, others assume it as a little wrinkled stranger and hence, do not know how to react. On the other hand, there are parents who often worry that their feelings and emotions for their second child would not be the same as with their first baby. Nevertheless, what is more important is how you bond with your baby and how much time you take. Well, methods and ways are plenty; it’s up to you which one turns highly beneficial and helps you deepen your bond with your newborn joy.
Bonding with Baby
Face-to-Face Contact
After a baby is out of the womb, the first thing that it does after crying is observing things around it. With people around, it will gaze at faces and closely examine the eyes and mouth. Faces are the most attractive things to babies who spend the maximum time gazing at them than any other thing. With clear eyesight, a baby can see things at 8 to 12 inches distance, just about the space between its face and yours while feeding. With full of motions and sounds, a human face is the best way to make contact and generate bonds with a baby. Stick out your tongue and your baby is likely to follow you. Similarly, position yourself close to your baby and it will examine every nook and cranny of your face. Practicing this repetitively will help your baby remember who its mother is and enables it to rely on you.
Just as how eating and sleeping is important, so is touching, caressing, and holding. To get really connected to your baby, massaging it gently is another great way. Soft, delicate, and loving touches will improve your baby’s sensory awareness and nourish its emotional development. Use aromatic lotion and rub it down in a loving, mild manner to stimulate its brain and get closer to it. For a more neural connection, use soothing lights, a warm room, and peaceful music. Your baby is sure going to love it. Besides, you can make the massage a family affair, allowing your spouse, elder sister, or brother to help massage your baby.
You would have quite often noticed nurses wrapping up babies tightly, like burritos, in swaddling blankets for almost the entire hospital stay. Doing so provides calming, soothing, and warm feelings to the baby, just like how it felt when it was in your womb. Furthermore, swaddling confines your baby’s limbs, inducing it to startle, wake up, and throw its limbs out. Plus, this reduces the symptoms of colic and lets your baby enjoy the tight, cozy feeling of being attached to its mother. However, watch out what your baby prefers since some love their arms and feet free from swaddling. Make sure that the temperature does not turn too hot during warm weather.
Smell is, yet again, another one of the first few bonds that a baby makes with its mother. As a mother, you radiate certain kind of smell that is identifiable only by your baby, following which it becomes sensitive to it. This bond is absolutely normal and biological. Notice this. When you enter your baby’s room, it wakes up instantly, while if any other person enters, the baby’s continues to sleep. This happens because the baby’s sense of smell picks up your chemicals called pheromones. As such, your baby is bound to wake up whenever you are around as it recognizes you as the primary provider of comfort, pleasure, and food.
Newborn babies dislike loud noises and hence, start crying the moment they are exposed to piercing sounds. In such circumstances, a mother’s voice works as a therapy for the baby. Hence, even a high-pitched female voice would sound better than a low-pitched male voice. Even then, it is advisable that you speak or sing in a gentle, cooing, and soothing voice. Pick up nursery rhymes, hymns, and simple songs, and sing them to your baby. Studies indicate that babies that are sung early in their lives tend to speak and read slightly earlier, apart from early feelings for identifying words.
Bath Together
If you are a father and wish to bond with your baby, just like its mom, you can start off by having a bath with it. Agreed that bathing a baby is equivalent to a dreaded nightmare, combining the screams of the baby and the slippery skin that makes you nervous, but note that this is the first step towards creating a close relationship with it, after all. And if bathing your baby is not your piece of cake, opt for stripping yourself and taking your baby into the tub, with you. You’ll be surprised to see that your baby will be calm and enjoy the bath. Getting snuggled against your chest will make a huge difference. Give it a try!
Midnight Bottle
While your wife is feeding your baby all the while, through breastfeeding or bottle, take out some time to bond with your baby by playing the feeding parent’s role. Your wife has spent the entire day completing household activities and looking after the baby. Give her some peaceful sleep in the night by feeding your baby with formula milk in the middle of the night, when required. Meanwhile, you can also share a soft and loving conversation with your little joy; it sure would enjoy both the feed and chat. Though you may find this task tiring and tedious initially, but over a few nights, you’ll enjoy more than your baby is likely to.
Babyhood is a fleeting yet pleasing phase in life. Enjoy this precious phase of your baby without any mind impasse. With the above tips, create an everlasting bond with your newly arrived joy.

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