Growing children need a lot of attention and care. This section deals with tips, advice and information on child health care.

Child (4 to 12 years)

Read this self help article on anger management for kids if youíre worried about your childís abrupt behavior and anger tantrums.
Attachment parenting is a parenting style that stresses on nurturing a healthy attachment between a parent and a child. Read the following article to know more about attachment parenting.
If you are noticing any signs of aggressive behavior in your children, donít ignore it, for it can be harmful for their development. Read the following article about aggressive behavior in children.
With so many options, buying the right stroller can be a difficult and confusing task. Find useful tips on buying a stroller, as you browse through this write-up.
Until a certain age, aggression in kids is accepted, after which it becomes essential to minimize it. Explore this article to know how to manage and lower aggression in young children.
While thumb sucking provides comfort to the baby, it can cause orthodontia problems, when not treated at the right time. Glance through this write-up to find solutions for thumb sucking problems.
Are you worried about teaching your children right social skills? Read the following article that will guide you in the process of teaching social skills to children.
Bridge the gap between children with autism and their environment by having them actively involved in these educational but fun activities for autistic children.

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