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Entering parenthood is among the most beautiful and wonderful stages in the life of any individual. The moment you see two red lines on the pregnancy test strip, you feel a surge of emotions, including happiness, fear, anxiety, curiosity, nervousness, gaiety and glee—all in one go. And it goes without saying that you are on cloud nine when you hold your godsent package in your hands. Even though each parent has their own set of significant roles to play, both are responsible for the baby’s positive and prospective upbringing. Whether it is the first bath that you give to your tiny tot, the first morsel of food that you feed to your baby or the first step that it takes—parenthood brings about a number of unforeseen challenges and circumstances. It’s a roller coaster ride for both the expectant parents. Here are some important tips on almost all the aspects of parenting and how you can raise your little ones. It brings to you a vast range of information on parenting advice. So while we will try to keep you updated about everything on parenting, here is what we request you to do. Next time when you see an expectant mother, try to help her, support her and comfort her in the best possible way. And when you see an expectant father, just convey to him “Bro, You are in a tough spot, Hang On for some more time, I can feel you...”

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