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Set the house on fire with some really thrilling and entertaining activities for toddlers at home. Browse through this write-up to discover a list of fun activities for toddler.

Fun Toddler Activities

Babies are fun to live with. Every growing day of a baby is a different experience, both for the parents and for the baby in general. It gets inspired by everything it sees and hears in its surroundings. Even the daily activities that you indulge in catch the attention of your baby, as it tries to extract fun out of it. Furthermore, there are numerous fun activities that can keep a toddler engaged for hours during the times when it is idle or needs something to keep itself occupied with. However, these activities are not all fun, as there is a subconscious effort for making the baby learn certain basic things and develop its gross motor skills. With a multitude of fun toddler activities, the excitement level of your baby can be kept on the high, all the time. Here's providing you a list of fun activities for your toddler.
Fun Toddler Activities
Animal Acting
When you have children with great imaginative skills, this game can be fun-filled and exciting. Ask your little toddler to act like his/her favorite animal but without disclosing the name. What you need to do is to figure out which animal is your toddler enacting. Take turns and keep this guessing game going. Either of you who make the most number of right guesses is the winner. A wonderful activity to create awareness of different types of animals, living around us!
Life-Size Self Portrait
A fun activity that can make your day extra exciting! You will need a large butcher paper or poster board. In case you don’t have either, tape several sheets of typing or computer paper. Ask your child to lie on the paper and trace his outline with a marker. Thereafter, give crayons, markers, buttons, yarn, and art tissue to your child to decorate the inside of the outline. For really young toddlers, you can make them dip their hands or feet in finger-paint and color the portrait. Alternatively, you can lie on the paper and have your child trace your outline. Get him to decorate and beautify your portrait.
Picnic Time
If you haven’t gone on a family picnic for long, you can have one at home. Just clear out the backyard of all the unwanted stuff and make it a perfect picnic spot. House in a tent and some play items. Prepare a picnic basket, and fill it up with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, thermos of lemonade or juice, crackers, and ice cream cone cupcakes. Dress up in a way you would while going on a picnic and head straight to the backyard for some unadulterated fun time with your little one.
Story Time
The best way to spend time with your toddler is to read out a story to him. Narrating stories to kids inspires them to read by themselves, from a young age. If you have an older child, you can ask him to read to the toddlers. You can also show some pictures and ask your child to make some interesting stories from them. Story telling makes a great activity before naps or bedtime as it helps kids to wind up and settle down for sleep.
Finger Painting
For some real and indisputable fun time, this activity is a must-be on your list. Though you can use regular finger paints, you can very well try out other things to experiment with. How about finger painting with chocolate pudding on waxed paper? Sounds fun and delicious, too! Alternatively, squeeze out some whipped cream on a cookie sheet and let your child draw pictures by dipping his fingers into the cream.
Water Play
It’s raining again! Move outdoors and let your child enjoy the beautiful experience of drenching in rainfall. Pick up an empty bathtub in the garden and sit your child in it. Fill another plastic baby bathtub or other large container with water and place it near your child. Load the container with all sorts of water play toys, such as cups, spoons, bowls, funnels, empty squeeze bottles, plastic teapot, and sponges, for your baby to enjoy with.
Obstacle Course
Kids love running around, chasing people, and beating their own best score. Create an obstacle course in the backyard wherein your kid has to hula-hoop three times, jump over a stuffed animal, skip to the fence, and bunny-hop to reach the finish line and complete the race. This activity will encourage your child to coordinate his movements and have better control over his feet.
Bozo Buckets
Pick up convenient containers from your home and backyard, such as boxes, laundry baskets, plastic flower pots, or any other ideal container. Gather six of them and line them up one behind the other. Hand over six balls or bean bags to your child and ask him to throw each one into a container, one at a time. If your child misses a throw, start again from the beginning with the first container.
Simple items found around the house can be turned into materials that provide hours of creative play. Ideas are plenty and so is the time, if you manage to make most of both. Help your toddler make full use of his formative years.

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