As it is, traveling with babies is always troublesome, but flying with them is far more demanding and requires much preparation ahead. Read the following article to learn how to fly with baby.

Flying With Baby

Traveling with a baby generally ends up in two kinds of experiences, either it becomes quite memorable or it turns out to be a nightmare. The basic packing procedure is same irrespective of whether you are traveling by road, rail or air. You have to carry the same stuffs that are required for the baby during traveling, the same guidelines about the safety of the baby. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind while flying with the baby. When you are driving with a baby, you have an extra facility of halting at your choice of place. Also, you can stop at any store that you pass by for baby food, diaper and other stuffs. However, if you are flying, you have to follow some general rules and a planned preparation is required. Doesn't matter if the duration of the journey is long or short, flying can prove to be troublesome for you and your baby, if adequate arrangements are not done in advance. Unlike train traveling or driving, flying includes a long and tiring boarding procedure that tests your patience when you are carrying a crying baby with you. Also, you cannot make last minute entry when it comes to flying. Nonetheless, with little knowledge and preparation, you can easily survive air-traveling. Here are some tips that will guide you when you are flying with a baby.
Flying With Baby
Getting Ready
If you think that stuffing the traveling bag with all essential things for baby is enough from your side, you are quite wrong. The more important step in flying with baby is to get to the airport early. The whole process of getting through airport and security is time consuming and you could never make a last minute dash to the airport gate with a baby around you. The extra time at the airport will help your child in relaxing in between the long car ride and the flight. Remember to check in and secure your seat assignment online before you leave for the airport.
Reaching the Airport
Until you don’t have a good public transportation in your area, getting to the airport can be a challenge. As such, it is best to call a cab service provider and book a cab for yourself for the journey from your home to the airport. While booking, make sure you give them the appropriate time and ask for a comfortable car. Ask them if they can provide you with a baby car seat, as this would make the travel convenient both for you and your baby. Remember to call and reconfirm the time on the day of travel when the cab is expected to reach your place.
Getting Through Airport Security
Have everything organized to avoid any extra time lag during airport security check. Avoid loose items, stuff hanging off the stroller and in the basket underneath as it may stretch up the security process for hours. One of the advantages of traveling with infant is that it is quite easy to get through security with the baby in a metal-free sling. Baby can sleep without being disturbed, and probably you may not be asked to remove the baby from the sling. But it should be noted that you will be required to remove the baby from the sling before takeoff.
At the Airport
Once you have cleared the security check and have the boarding pass at your hand, you will have enough time to cater to the needs of your little one. You can feed the baby, change the diapers or adhere to any other need of the baby. And if your baby is in a happy mood, you can very well explore the numerous stores at the airport along with your tot. Most airports today have play area for toddlers as well. Make your little one busy in the play area so that it gets tired and falls asleep once it enters the flight.
Boarding the flights
As your flight time nears, stay close to your gate and listen for the agent to announce pre-boarding. It will be very helpful for you to get on the plane first and get yourself organized before everyone else boards the flight. If your spouse is also traveling, either of you can take care of the baby while the other moves ahead with the carry-on baggage. In this way, one of you will organize everything and will make arrangements without the distraction of baby. Also, this would give the baby a little more time to move about freely. When you are on-board, make sure that you have kept every necessary item within your reach while seated.
During Flight
In the flight, whenever you need help with your infant, ask the person sitting next to you or a flight attendant. There is no harm in asking help from others as most of them would be more than willing to help. This holds true in case when single parent is traveling with baby. There may be a few spills here and there or your baby may start crying loudly, but instead of panicking, remain cool and organized. Remember getting angry or frustrated will help you by no means.
Traveling is all about fun and relaxing, and should be kept that way!  Hope these useful tips will help you to handle your baby while flying.

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