Different baby safety products are designed to prevent possible dangers caused to babies. Learn about the assorted products that ensure the safety and health of your baby.

Baby Safety Products

A baby is an angel and a boon granted to parents by the Almighty. The arrival of a newborn brings joy, happiness, gratification, and delight in the homes of the new parents and their well-wishers. Delicate and gentle, the baby becomes the center of attraction in no time. However, a baby demands a lot of attention, care and love. While most parents are busy buying baby furniture, clothing and accessories for the little one, one thing which slips the mind of most is baby-proofing the house, which becomes all the more essential as soon as the baby starts crawling. Wondering what is that all about? While being indulged in daily household activities, you are left with relatively less time running after your baby to see whether or not it is crawling towards injurious items. For this purpose, baby safety products are highly valuable, as they give you peace of mind and block out unwanted dangers from your beautiful and tender baby. But, are you wondering how can stuffs that have been there since ages now cause harm to your baby? Get down on your hands and knees and look around your home at baby’s eye level. This way, you will be able to see what dangers can potentially injure your baby, thereby guiding you while buying products to baby proof your home. Given here is a list of various baby safety products that you can and should consider while shopping for them.

Baby Safety Products
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Baby Safety Products

Baby Car Seats

A baby or even a toddler is too young to take care of itself while traveling in a car. As such, a baby car seat is one of the must-haves in your list of baby safety products that ensures your baby’s safety and allows it to enjoy the ride, at the same time. Whether it’s traveling home from the hospital, or to the maternal grandparents place, or even to the shopping mall, baby car seats prove to be highly useful and valuable. Additionally, it allows you to concentrate on your driving, while your baby’s safely affixed to the seat.

Baby Safety Monitors

A baby safety monitor is one of the most basic items that you require at home as you bring your baby home from the hospital. Fundamentally a hands-free “walky-talky”, a baby safety monitor allows you to keep a watch on your baby’s slightest movements while you are away from it. This instrument has two parts, wherein one part is attached in the baby’s bedroom while the other part stays with the parent. On switching on the monitor, you can hear every little sound made in the nursery where your baby is, be it its crying, coughing, breathing, or even trying to talk.

Baby Stair Gates

This is one of the most primary and significant products you will require once your baby has started crawling on its knees, especially if you have stairs in your home. To prevent your baby from falling down the stairs or entering certain rooms of the house, baby stair gates should be installed to completely protect your baby from any kind of unforeseen injury.

Child Safety Locks

After your baby has learned how to crawl well and moves around freely, it becomes even more crucial to take care of your baby’s safety. Installing child safety locks on your cupboards will stop your baby from getting hold of any item that is potentially dangerous for it. This way, all harmful things will be out of reach of the baby. Besides, these child safety locks can also be fitted on your main entrance door, in case your baby reaches the height of the door and unlocks it.

Tangle-free Wind-ups

Cords hanging down from the blinds around your baby’s crib can pose a danger to it. You never know when the dangling cords attract your baby’s attention and it gets its arm or neck entangled in them. To keep away from such unexpected dangers, pick up tangle-free wind-ups that bundle all the long hazardous cords into themselves; thus, keeping them out of your baby’s reach.

Cool Mist Humidifier

Congested and packed atmosphere can make the air unclean and contaminated for your baby to breathe. Buying a cool mist humidifier and fixing it in your baby’s room is a great idea to give some relief to your tiny tot. Not only will the humidifier add moisture to the air, but it will also help in easing coughs, sinus irritations, and dry skin that your baby is likely to experience.

Crib Rail Teethers

As the first tooth starts coming out, your baby will be induced to gnaw on everything in sight. Whether it’s the feeder nipple, quilts, thumbs, or even the crib rail, babies attack anything and everything that comes along their way. However, the crib rail is bound to hurt your baby’s gums as they have sharp edges. Pick up a set of crib rail teethers that can be easily slipped onto any crib rails, allowing your little one to chew its heart out, the next time it attacks them.

Incorporating these helpful baby safety products in your home will keep your little one out of any kind of harm and avoid accidents. Let your baby enjoy its surroundings to the fullest!

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