With this article, discover some useful and handy tips to care for your little one’s hair.

Baby Hair Care Tips

Welcoming a new member into your family in the form of a newborn baby is always a pleasurable and delightful experience. But the numerous demands of the baby overwhelm you greatly, particularly its care, which tops the list of your priorities. Hair care is one of the significant aspects of baby care. Just as you regularly visit salon to take care of your hair needs, similar attention is required in the case of baby. However, that doesn't mean you take the infant to a hair dresser the moment you step out of the hospital. Attention here means extra love and affection in terms of care. Taking care of a newborn sounds pretty simple and actually is, only if you bear some useful tips in mind. For, if you fail to follow a special hair regimen for your baby, it is likely to damage both the hair and scalp of your baby. With hair so soft, scalp so fragile, and hair follicles still developing, you cannot afford to risk your baby’s health, would you? Check out some excellent hair care tips for your baby in this article.
Baby Hair Care Tips
Combing the Hair
Combing a baby’s hair is an activity that brings a “phew!” expression on the faces of most parents. Baby’s hair is soft and tends to get entangled after washing. As such, removing the tangles is itself an ordeal. To avoid such fuss and mess, use a brush with soft bristles to comb your baby’s hair. In case you are using a comb, it should be wide toothed. Avoid using a brush that has fine bristles as this can get caught in the baby’s hair, thereby leading to lots of discomfort.
Washing the Hair
Since the baby is young and is staying at home, most of the time, the hair will not get really dirty and hence, you do not have to wash it very frequently. Giving your baby a hair wash twice a week is sufficient to keep the hair clean and soft. When your baby turns into a toddler, the hair, too, is likely to grow longer which will then require washing at least three times a week. Always wash the hair towards the end of the bath so that the suds do not remain in the water and irritate its sensitive skin.
Avoiding Cradle Cap
Since the baby’s skin is delicate and fragile, it is likely to suffer from cradle cap, characterized by oily and flaky patches of skin on the scalp. This generally occurs due to the dryness of the scalp and is common amongst newborns and babies. So, it is normal for your baby to show up cradle cap, which can be treated with some simple remedies. Comb and wash out all the dry skin from the scalp and follow up with a lotion massage on the scalp and hair to avoid the dryness from returning. Avoid using baby oil on cradle cap, since it can increase the risk of its occurrence again. Instead, you can rub some olive oil on the scalp to loosen out the flakes.
Using Baby Products
Until your baby turns one and grows more hair on the scalp, stick to using only baby products for washing your baby’s hair. Products that we use for our hair contains harsh ingredients and chemicals, which can be harmful for the baby’s hair and skin. To keep the baby’s hair and scalp moisturized and healthy, use only baby shampoos and baby lotions that suit your baby’s skin.
Conditioning the Hair
Mixing certain products in the right proportion can help nourish and moisturize your baby’s hair. By using a mild baby’s lotion to rub onto your baby’s hair and scalp, after a hair wash, both the skin and hair will be moisturized and nurtured. Follow up with applying some petroleum jelly on the hair to retain the healthy shine and texture of your little one’s hair.
Trimming the Hair
It is necessary to take your baby for a haircut and get its hair trimmed once it turns a year old. Growing long hair can be a scary experience for many babies when they mature into kids. The hair should be trimmed on a regular basis, lest it falls into the eyes and ears and irritates them. Accompany your baby so that it is assured of the fact that there is nothing to fear. Always schedule a haircut or trimming when your baby is awake and relaxed. Planning a haircut while the baby is sleeping will only lead to a scared and cranky baby.
Taking care of your baby’s requirements is not impossible to achieve, only if you follow your baby’s cues. With this simple hair care tips, you can help your baby develop healthy and shining hair.

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