Are you looking for some interesting summer activities to keep your teens both occupied and entertained? Read the following article to get an impressive list of summer activities for teens.

Activities For Teens: Fun And Productive Ways To Keep Your Teenager Busy In Summers

The temperature at your home is rising, not just because its summer time but also because you have a teenager who is adorable but with a difficult temperament. However, isn’t it normal for teens to get bored easily, especially during summers, after all the ennui of an unstructured day can get onto all of us?  Summer time is bound to be for leisure activities, fun and freedom. A month-long break from the routine activities, summer break is a perfect time for budding children to indulge in their hobbies and interests. What's more, they can even take up new activities which interest them. However, teens spend most of their days sleeping, playing video games or watching television. Realization strikes but only on the last day when they find out how much time they have wasted which could have been put to good use. It is here that the role of the parents comes in. Parents should guide their teenagers in such a way that the teens utilize their summer break effectively and keep themselves occupied with interesting stuff, which is relaxing and fruitfully enriching. There are several activities that can help shape up the development of the teenage kids. Right from enhancing or polishing the already existing skills of dancing and singing to taking up adventurous activities like trekking and hiking, to even enrolling oneself in one of the popular summer camps or a social work organization, the options are wide and varied. Such activities open a new chapter in the life of a teen and give them the desired confidence, pepping and spicing up their life. But then, all this can only be possible if your teen engages in an activity instead of idling his time away. If you are looking forward to some interesting summer activities for your teen to indulge in, then keep scrolling.

Activities For Teens: Fun And Productive Ways To Keep Your Teenager Busy In Summers
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Summer Activities For Teens


One of the best activities for teens to do in summer is trekking. Not only trekking helps in exploring the surroundings, but it also gives the opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends, away from the robotic life. Make a list of all the trekking spots of your city. Let your teen call in his friends and organize a day trek to any one of the place from the list. These frequent treks will help teenagers to develop adventurous spirit and a new hobby. Plus, it would be a happy substitute from the usual activity of sitting at home and watching TV.

A Music Video

If your teenager is musically inclined, then why not polish this trait. Inspire your teenager to actually compose a song or make a music video instead of plaintively listening to music. After all, summer is all about fun and adventure. What's more, you don't require expensive systems to make or compose a music video; all you need is a single instrument and a video camera. Making a music video is all about creativity and letting out your inner talent. This activity will surely infuse your teen with verve and excitement and who knows, you might just have the next pop star in your house!

Dancing/ Singing

If your teenager has a flair for dancing or has a really melodious voice, then the best option would be to polish his skills so that he masters the art. Make him join a dance/singing school during the summer break. This way, not only would he be occupied, but also engage in something which he likes. He can pick one from the various styles of dancing/ singing and become a master of the same. Also, this would augment his confidence level. So, let your teen spend the summer time learning some dancing moves to impress his friends at school.


Ask them to read a course book and they would scorn at you but replace the same with a comic book or a fantasy story and you would be surprised to find them immersed in the book. Develop the reading habit of your adolescent by buying her some interesting books. Let her experiment with the different genres; comics, novels, fantasy books, thriller and romantic books. Encourage your teen this summer to take a plunge in the pool of stories, fantasies and thrills and watch her augment her knowledge.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are another popular summer activity for teens. There are various types of summer camps available such as sports camps, arts camps or nature and environmental camps or others. While some camps are day camps, few others provide excellent residential camp programs for teens, where teens can learn independent living skills that they’ll need in college.

Activities For Teens: Fun And Productive Ways To Keep Your Teenager Busy In Summers
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Playing Some Sport

There is no rocket science when we say playing sports keeps you healthy. Playing should be a part of your teen’s summer break, be it playing basketball, baseball, football, swimming, or jump rope contests. It will keep your child physically, emotionally and mentally fit. You may choose a sport that your teen is interested in and try getting a full hour sports activity. So up for a soccer match? Hey, keep yourself hydrated and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Taking Up New Hobbies

You may encourage your teen to take up a new hobby be it mountain biking, writing poetry, swimming, playing a musical instrument or drama. This will help your teen learn a new hobby along with productively utilizing their summer time.

Bonding With Family And Friends

Summer is the best time to bond with kith and kin. There are a plethora of interesting activities that you can plan with your family and friends that will give your teen the much needed break. These may include –

  • Taking up bike rides
  • Game nights with family
  • Going to the farmer’s market to pick up local herbs, fruits, vegetables and then practising some traditional and new recipes.
  • Camping together with your family and friends
  • Exploring a new place or town where you gorge onto delicious delicacies and shop till you drop. Exciting! Isn’t It?

Teaching Chores

This summer try investing your teens time in helping them learn daily chores like cooking a few meals, doing their laundry, cleaning their toilets, organizing their wardrobe and room, etc. You will surely receive a ‘thank you’ email from your teen’s future roommates! Wink.


This can be one of the most enthralling learning experiences for your teen. Your teen may volunteer his/her services to animal shelters, local charities, food banks, local fundraising events or senior service programs. Is there any better way to help out your community? Are you ready to sow the good seeds?

Try growing a garden

The best way to stay connected to nature, isn’t it? It will surely be an exciting and meaningful experience while your teen works towards growing a starter garden. You may visit a local nursery with your teen for more insights or check some videos online. And what if there is not enough space to grow a garden? You may try pots. Plant peppers, tomatoes, or lettuce in large pots in your yard.

Craft and Art

If your teen has an inclination towards drawing, craft or art, you may try honing its skills this summer. All you need to do is let your creative juices flowing and try creating tie-dye clothing, make stone earrings or beads, practice photography, learn to sew or use watercolours for making that perfect art.


Do you remember your time when you were a teenager? Summer was ought to be spelled freedom, relaxation and no routine. Beach days, pool parties, visiting grandparents and cousins, barbecues and road trips topped our summer plans. This summer while you relax and have a ball with your family and friends also make sure that your teenager spends the time in a truly enriching way. Choose some good sport or any activity that will help your teen channelize its energies into learning some new art or keeping physically active or honing a new skill. All work and no play is sure to make Jack a dull boy but carefully blending play and activities together are sure to keep your teen physically, mentally and emotionally healthy along with consequentially utilizing the summer break. So make hay while the sunshine shines!

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