Baby skin is very sensitive as compared to adults and needs extra care and attention. Read the following article to know some useful tips on baby skin care.

Baby Skin Care

Like the little droplets of rains, babies are a blessing from God to every woman, helping her take a leap from being a woman to a mother. A baby not only completes the life of a woman, but also the family in general. With it comes a lot of happiness, cheer and joy that is simply inexplicable. Babies are tender and need a lot of love, care and affection. Everything, right from their hands to feet and even skin, is very soft and supple and thus, requires extensive care and concern. Though babies are blessed with soft, glowing and unblemished skin, the flawlessness does not remain untouched for long, thanks to the raising environmental concerns. Skin is a very important sense organ of humans. It not only protects us from toxins and extremes of temperature, but also acts as a barrier against all kinds of harmful infections. It is the skin that provides the baby with a sense of comfort when touched. However, babies too have their share of skin problems. Some of the infections common to babies are cradle cap, infant eczema and diaper rash. Though these problems can clear up by themselves, seeking a little medical advice is always helpful. Baby skin care is a very gentle procedure. At the time of treating a baby's skin, one should avoid harsh soaps or artificial cleansing products as they can do more damage than good. Here are some tips related to baby skin care to guide you in this context.

Baby Skin Care
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Baby Skin Care

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap usually affects the scalp area of the baby and is caused due to overproduction of oil. Though not a serious problem, its first appearance, nevertheless, can be bothersome. To cure the same, it is best to apply olive oil or baby oil to the affected area as this would help soften the scaly skin. Once the scales become soft, gently remove them with a fine comb or a soft cloth. Repeat the procedure until the condition disappears.

Infant Eczema

Infant eczema is a very common problem for babies, and small children. Usually this type of eczema clears up on its own accord, but the condition can stay for a while. Fortunately, infant eczema can be easily cured. For the same, you need to bathe the baby in lukewarm water and keep it well moisturized after the bath. Moisturizers that are rich in lanolin or contain aloe vera can be used as they are good at reducing swelling and inflammation and help keep the affected area hydrated. Another way of preventing infant eczema is to dress the baby in soft, natural fabrics such as cotton and wool.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a very common skin care complaint among babies, particularly in their first year. The most general cause of diaper rash is wet diapers being in contact with the skin for too long. But there are few other occasional factors associated with diaper rash such as an allergic reaction or over sensitivity to urine. Diaper rash can be easily treated. Wash the affected area in warm water and remember not to use any soap or artificial cleanser. Apply a lanolin rich cream to it and let it stay. For treating diaper rash naturally, you need some oatmeal and warm water. Put some oatmeal into the warm water and allow the mixture to go slightly gooey. Then bath the baby as usual and let it dry naturally.

Additional Tips 

  • Regular baths are very necessary for keeping a baby neat, clean and healthy. Using mild baby soap during a baby bath will be very helpful. To dry the baby, gently pat his or her body with a dry and soft towel.

  • Practicing oil massage can be a very effective baby's skin care method. Oil massage helps in the development of a healthy baby skin and also strengthens the bones and the muscles.

  • It is advisable that you should regularly change the baby's diapers. Apart from causing rashes, wet nappies cause a lot of discomfort and uneasiness.

  • Keeping your baby in a diaper 24x7 can worsen the condition. After removing the diaper, let it stay for a while in a well aired room. Fresh air plays a strong part in preventing and curing diaper rash.

  • Use a gentle detergent to wash everything that touches your infant's skin, from bedding and blankets, to towels and even your own clothes. You'll cut down on the likelihood of the baby developing irritated or itchy skin. 

Hope these baby care tips will greatly help you in taking care of your baby’s skin and will keep it glowing and flawless for years.

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